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Cheerful News for the Holiday Season

The PFCA will be decorating parts of our neighborhood for the holidays. Make plans to drive by the Ponderosa Park at the elementary school and the fire station to see our decorations.

Christmas Lights Decoration Winners
Patio Homes
17215 Meadow Butte - 1931 Ash Meadow

West side
1826 Castlerock Road - 1907 Saddlecreek - 1830 Saddlecreek - 17147 Beaver Springs

East Side
1403 Sweetgrass Trail - 18019 Bambridge Drive - 1806 Woerner Road

Holiday Home Award Winners
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Santa At The Fire Station
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Every Christmas season, hundreds of children look forward to a visit with Santa before Christmas Day, to share their secret wish list with him. The Ponderosa Forest Civic Association recently hosted the annual Christmas with Santa at the Fire Station to make sure they weren’t disappointed. Organized by Kathy Mason, president of the PFCA, and executed with the voluntary help of the board members, Santa arrived on Saturday, December 13 with a bag full of goodies and a hearty “Ho-ho-ho” spirit.

Held at the Ponderosa Forest Fire Department station on Rolling Creek, the party was a huge hit with the local residents. The afternoon saw a long line of both little and some not-so-little all getting into the holiday spirit, wanting to take pictures and share their wishes with jolly ol’ St. Nick.

“It’s gratifying to see such community support for an event like this,” said Kathy. “It shows that the residents really do care about their community and sincerely want to be involved with their neighbors.” Some of those in attendance were new home owners in Ponderosa and remarked about how warm and welcome this made them feel.

Thanks to generous donations from Dunkin Donuts, Food Fair and the Tea Cake French Bakery, all business neighbors on FM1960, there were plenty of sweet treats to keep this holiday crowd in a wonderful party mode all afternoon. Home Depot and Lowe’s graciously provided the fun give-aways that Santa was able to distribute to all the tiny tots climbing into his lap. The room, given over for the event by the Ponderosa Fire Department, was beautifully decorated in a homey, traditional theme by Mary Armstrong, one of the PFCA board volunteers. It set just the right festive tone for all the 200 plus neighbors in attendance.

The Ponderosa Forest Civic Association is focused on raising community awareness and pride in our neighborhoods. As PFCA board member Shideh Haddad mentioned, “This is the kind of event that makes us all feel that sense of pride about living here in Ponderosa. We welcome residents ideas and input for events like this one.”

The next big event that PFCA is sponsoring will be the annual Easter Egg Hunt, coming up on March 28. There will be hundreds of Easter eggs for the kids to find and a special visit from the Easter Bunny. Last year’s event was a huge success and this year will be even better. Watch for details on their web site, ponderosaforest.org

We are all, Ponderosa Proud.


News from the Ponderosa Forest Community Association
(Reprinted from the Ponderosa Pride) Kathy Mason-Stone, PFCA Board pfca.kmason@gmail.com

Who We Are:

Ponderosa Forest Civic Association (PFCA) is a non-political, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote and provide civic and general welfare for the residents. In short, we are about the people of Ponderosa Forest not maintenance of your individual property. We are the umbrella organization serving all residents of Ponderosa Forest including the west side, east side, and village and townhomes. In other words, come one, come all, you are all welcome and in fact, needed, in our volunteer organization. Unlike a Home Owners Association (HOA), PFCA cannot impose covenants or rules for home owners and membership is not mandatory. All residents, whether home owners or renters, are encouraged to actively participate in any of the meetings and events sponsored and organized by your Civic Association. Our mission is to mold a neighborhood of homes into a community of involved residents all striving to make our community a better place to live for our children, grandchildren, us, and our pets. Meetings are on 1st Tuesday of each month at the Ponderosa Forest Utility District (PFUD) facility on Anvil at 6:30 pm. Whether you are a paid member of the Civic Association or not, we want your participation at our meetings and events. Bring your ideas, constructive criticism of our activities, a desire to meet and interact with new people, or just your curiosity to our meeting. You can learn more about us on our website at www.ponderosaforest.org.

So, roll up your sleeves and get involved in your community!

What We Have Done and What We Want To Do:

Two years ago this Civic Association was near extinction, with only two people from our neighborhood actively participating on the Board of Directors. A small group of determined residents were mobilized and revitalized the organization. In the last two years we have organized National Night Out in the Fall, a party and photo session with Santa for the kids, awards for the best decorated homes for the holidays, monthly yard of the month awards for beautifying our neighborhood with landscaping, college scholarships for neighborhood students in need of assistance, Easter Egg hunt with 10,000 Easter eggs for the children, welcome baskets for our new neighbors, Fourth of July party with music, bingo for the adults, fun and games for the kids and great food for all. When the Civic Association was revitalized 2 years ago, the Park at Ponderosa elementary school was near derelict. Playground equipment was broken and unusable for the kids, no water fountains worked, the gazebo and park benches were in disrepair and in need of paint, the lawn sprinkler system was not working so the

park was dusty and unpleasant for all, there were no flowers or landscaping. In short, the park was a mess to look at, barely used by our children, and a sad reflection on our neighborhood! In cooperation with officials at Ponderosa Elementary School, the park is once again one of the things in which Ponderosa shows it’s pride. Water fountains were fixed, landscaping was installed and is now being maintained, gazebo was painted and repaired, trees were trimmed, new park benches were installed, and lastly your Civic Association purchased more than $26,000 in new playground equipment for our kids. We are Ponderosa proud and your voluntary dues of $35 for the year or $60 for two years goes a long way. We believe your money is well spent. Think about it, even in the current economic downturn, about 10 cents a day, if we all contribute, can make a positive difference in the quality of our lives. Be a part of the action by paying your dues at our monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM at the PFUD building on Anvil, by attending any of our sponsored events or by mailing to:Ponderosa Forest Civic Association PO Box 73546 Houston, TX, 77273-3546

We are adding a new quarterly honor to be given to one of our residents which we will call the PFCA Good Neighbor Award. We will write a short article for the next issue of the Ponderosa Proud Newsletter highlighting the achievements or characteristics that make a positive difference to our community. Send your nominations to pfca.kmason@gmail.com and include your contact information as well as that of the person you are nominating for this honor. There are a lot of people deserving the accolade "Pride of Ponderosa", so help us to know who they are and to celebrate their lives throughout the Ponderosa Forest community. We have purchased decals for automobiles of all residents of Ponderosa Forest thus clearly identifying them as residents. This will greatly assist our Precinct4 Constables patrolling our streets to easily identify cars not belonging to the neighborhood. Where can I get one of the car decals? Simply come to one of our events or to our monthly meeting and we will give them to you free of charge. With your support and involvement, we hope to be able to purchase additional playground equipment for the park such as a slide. Will you help? Together we can make our community vibrant , attractive, and more enjoyable and safe for young and old alike. Get involved…..


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Kathy Mason, PFCA Board

October 30, 2014

As many of you are aware, the YMCA facility on Ella Blvd. closed permanently three weeks ago. During the short time frame since its closure, this building has already become a magnet for drugs, alcohol and crime that will inevitably filter into our neighborhood.

All of the residents of Ponderosa Forest MUST become vigilant to what is going on at this abandoned facility and immediately report any suspicious activity to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constables who patrol our neighborhood. The Constables can be quickly dispatched 24/7 by calling 281-376-3472. Your eyes, ears and attention are critical to ensuring community safety.


Sargent Theresa Harris has spoken with a representative from YMCA who indicates that the property is currently under review and Spring ISD is going to purchase the building. The YMCA representative said he thought that the purchase would be completed by the end of November. The proposal is currently in front of their board. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. This is wonderful news for our neighborhood to not to have a vacant building at that location.


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Ponderosa Forest Yards of the Month
Resumes March 2015

The Garden Club recognizes homeowners with outstanding yards. The Ponderosa Civic Association decided to recognize additional homes with
beautiful yards because there are so many nice landscapes in our neighborhood. 


Yard Of The Month Sign Image

Ponderosa Forest Lost And Found Pets
Lost and Found Pets
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Ponderosa Recycles!


In order to be more environmentally conscientious, Ponderosa Forest provides bins for residents wishing to recycle clean paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum. Our community recycle bins are located behind the PFUD facility on Anvil. It's easy and convenient to pitch in to help preserve our environment by disposing your recyclable materials in the marked green containers.

 (Sorry, no glass or tin products are accepted at this time)











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   Ponderosa Park Officially Opened 
May 3rd, 2014
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Ponderosa Forest Civic Association

Ponderosa Forest Civic Association (PFCA) is a non-political, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote and provide civic and general welfare for the residents.

Unlike a Home Owners Association (HOA), PFCA cannot impose covenants and membership is not mandatory. All residents are encouraged to actively participate in any of the meetings and events.

Meetings are on 1
st Tuesday of each month at the PFUD facility on Anvil at 6:30 pm.

Ponderosa Forest Residents

If you notice a property in Ponderosa Forest that needs attention and appears to be outside the bounds of our deed restrictions, please don’t hesitate to contact the respective home owners associations and bring the issues to their attention. The HOAs are responsible for enforcing the standards of our neighborhood. We all need to be diligent to help ensure our neighborhood is well maintained and remains a safe and attractive place to live.

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To report a street light outage call 713.207.2222 or 800.332.7143 (select prompt 5).You will need to know an address near the outage or you can make a note of the six digit pole number on the light pole (located at eye level on the side of the pole that does not face the street).


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