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The Ponderosa Forest Civic Association Welcomes You To Ponderosa Forest! 

History and Design

Ponderosa Forest is a deed-restricted, master planned community developed in the late 1960s through the 1980s in multiple phases. It was built as one of the first subdivisions in the vicinity of FM 1960, pre-dating Olde Oaks and Greenwood Forest and sharing common master planning and architectural characteristics.

The subdivision is typically described as stable, established and upscale. Along with other neighborhoods featuring custom built homes in the vicinity, Ponderosa Forest is often referred to as the “River Oaks of North Houston.”

Ponderosa Forest is heavily wooded and well maintained. Houses are sited on generous lots with mature native pine and oak trees. During the initial stages of land development, substantial areas of native woodland forest were reserved. The majority of homes in Ponderosa were custom designed and well appointed. Architectural styles reflect predominant suburban vernaculars of the early to mid-1970s including Georgian Colonial, English Tudor, French Colonial and Contemporary.

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Ponderosa Forest Yards of the Month

The Garden Club recognizes homeowners with outstanding yards. The Ponderosa Civic Association decided to recognize additional homes with
beautiful yards because there are so many nice landscapes in our neighborhood. 

Please click the image below for a slide show of the April Yards Of The Month


People of Ponderosa

Keith and Kim Rowe

A lot of people are attracted to Ponderosa Forest because of the many mature trees, large lot sizes, custom homes and great location. That holds true for Keith and Kim Rowe as well,
who have been residents of Ponderosa for a little more than eight years.

Being residents for eight years isn’t all that remarkable, considering we have some home owners who have lived here for 20, 30 or more years. A few have even lived here since the neighborhood was first established. But what is unusual is that the Rowe’s have bought and lived in four different houses over that time period.

They bought their first house on Wagon Gap Trail in 2006, sold it and bought a bigger house on Castlerock. After just a couple of years, they sold that house and bought a different house on Castlerock. Most recently, Keith and Kim bought their “dream” home on Woerner that they can see themselves “staying in for a very long time.”

“Each time we moved, it was an upgrade in property,” said Keith. “We love the homes in this neighborhood and we kept moving up until we reached our goal of having a big, beautiful house on a substantial and scenic lot.”

But, lest you think that all they did was buy and sell homes and move around the neighborhood, the Rowe’s also made significant improvements to each house they lived in – from
updating fixtures to installing new flooring and from making modest additions to complete, high-end kitchen remodels. They also expended enormous effort on landscaping at each house.

“We invested money, time and energy in every home we’ve lived in to update and improve it,” Keith explained. “Those investments were not only for our own comfort and pleasure, but also ultimately for the betterment of our neighborhood.”

“We feel comfortable here,” added Kim. “We’ve made a lot of good friends and met some extraordinarily good people. We also love the charm of the various styles of homes, and especially love the tree canopy. You won’t find either of those things in a newer neighborhood with ‘cookie cutter’ type homes.”

In addition to the many one-of-a-kind homes in Ponderosa, the Rowe’s also were impressed with the value of their properties. Of their current home, they remarked that the same house, in a neighborhood like the Woodlands, would certainly be double the price.

Keith and Kim feel there is much to offer in Ponderosa as an attractive place to call home – even if
there have been four of them.

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Ponderosa Recycles!


In order to be more environmentally conscientious, Ponderosa Forest provides bins for residents wishing to recycle clean paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum. Our community recycle bins are located behind the PFUD facility on Anvil. It's easy and convenient to pitch in to help preserve our environment by disposing your recyclable materials in the marked green containers.

 (Sorry, no glass or tin products are accepted at this time)













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Upcoming Events
Monday, April 21, 2014
  Ponderosa Village CIA

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
  PF East Maintenance Assoc (7:00 PM)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
  PF CIA (West)

Monday, May 19, 2014
  Ponderosa Village CIA

Monday, May 26, 2014
  Memorial Day


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   Ponderosa Park Officially Opens
April 2014
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Ponderosa Forest Civic Association

Ponderosa Forest Civic Association (PFCA) is a non-political, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote and provide civic and general welfare for the residents.

Unlike a Home Owners Association (HOA), PFCA cannot impose covenants and membership is not mandatory. All residents are encouraged to actively participate in any of the meetings and events.

Meetings are on 1
st Tuesday of each month at the PFUD facility on Anvil at 6:30 pm.

Questions or Comments? Please email LA STAMPFL at: PFCA@mail.com

Ponderosa Forest Residents

If you notice a property in Ponderosa Forest that needs attention and appears to be outside the bounds of our deed restrictions, please don’t hesitate to contact the respective home owners associations and bring the issues to their attention. The HOAs are responsible for enforcing the standards of our neighborhood. We all need to be diligent to help ensure our neighborhood is well maintained and remains a safe and attractive place to live.

Click here for HOA contact information

To report a street light outage call 713.207.2222 or 800.332.7143 (select prompt 5).You will need to know an address near the outage or you can make a note of the six digit pole number on the light pole (located at eye level on the side of the pole that does not face the street).


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